• Success Strategies When Challenging Your Parent's Will In A Probate Court

    The demise of a parent sometimes makes shocking revelations to the children left behind. Such is often the case when a child learns that he or she has been left out in their late parent's final will and testament. If you feel that you have a legitimate right to contest the will of your parent, proving any of the following cases in a court of law can boost your chances of getting a favorable outcome.
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  • Buying A House? How You Can Cancel A Contract And Escape Heavy Penalties

    Moving in to a new house is like a dream come true for many. However, that joy may vanish if you find that things are not as you expected after moving in. Maybe the house is not in the same condition as when you first saw it, or you discover a problem with the house that you were not aware of. So what can you do if you no longer like the house and you have already signed the contract?
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